1. Mechanically turn and log-roll critically injured patients

Legacy’s unique dual mattress system, innovative “Embrace Hold” position and smooth lateral 30° tilt function secures patients completely, allowing even the most severely injured patients to be turned and rolled safely and without further trauma for all manner of checks and procedures.

2. Prevent avoidable multi-system complications

Routine turning reduces incidences of secondary complications such as pneumonia, constipation, urinary sepsis, thromboembolism, gastric ulceration and psychological stress. Legacy brings this enormous benefit to the complex care environment.

3. Eliminate pressure ulcers

The dual mattress system allows one mattress to slide over the other, transferring shear away from the patient. This, with regular turning, and the upper viscoelastic pressure-care mattress, dramatically reduces the risk of ulceration and infection.

4. Log-roll without staff strain or injury

With Legacy, even full patient log-rolls are strain-free. Nursing staff hold the patient steady while the bed turns. No pushing or pulling is required, and patient discomfort is kept to a minimum. Patients can safely and easily be held at 90° for as long as necessary to complete routine hygiene checks, care procedures and linen changes.

5. Save time and free-up labour – turn patients to 30° with a single operator

Turning and repositioning patients with cleared spines is now possible with a single member of the nursing team. Thanks to Legacy’s Embrace Hold position, nursing staff can ensure patients undergoing periods of acute bed rest are routinely turned at the appropriate intervals to redistribute pressure and reduce the duration of fluid stasis – saving precious time and resources and drastically improving patient care.

6. Easily manage patient nutrition, drug dosage and anaesthesia

Legacy’s built-in weighing system gives an accurate patient reading with the patient in any position and the bed at any angle of tilt, simplifying basic checks and aiding care decisions.

7. Maintain spinal alignment without compromising care

The reduction in shear, smooth turning/rolling and the viscoelastic properties of the mattress help to keep total spinal alignment.

8. Turn and re-position without removing traction

Legacy’s included spinal/skull and lower-limb traction system moves with the patient during turns, avoiding the need for constant re-alignment.<

9. Calm and comfort disturbed patients

The Embrace Hold has been observed to have a calming effect on disturbed patients (particularly those with brain injuries), helping them to feel safe and aiding their psychological recovery from trauma.

10. Improve prognosis and recovery times

By eliminating secondary complications and keeping focus on the primary cause of hospitalisation, patient outcomes improve, and the recovery period is quicker, improving through-put times.

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