Optima Dynamic

Unique Carital Air-Float system

Optima Dynamic is a unique reactive mattress system, clinically proven to help pressure ulcer therapy and pain management. The Optima features a unique carital air-float system that has been proven to reduce pressure by up to 43% and we offer full replacement mattress system, including Bariatric models.

Considerations in selecting the right product

  • What is the risk of the user developing pressure ulcers?
  • What is the current pain grade of the user?
  • What are the likely changes in the user's health condition?
  • What are the needs of the nursing staff?
  • Is the product simple to operate?
  • Will the product achieve the desired results?
  • Is an air-driven system the correct support surface for you?

Application of the Optima

  • Those with extremely sensitive skin who suffer pressure-caused pain and need continuous relief.
  • Effective in pain management to VAS scale 10.
  • With no contraindications Optima can be used in the treatment of the most severe grade 4 pressure ulcers.
  • User weight range from just 7kg to 300kg. (Optima-Bario 450kg)

Features of the Optima

  • Patented double-cell structure.
  • Large contact area.
  • Reduces interface pressure and tissue strain to a minimum in all user positions.
  • Separate cell systems react to body part weight, profile and position - distributing the load over the whole surface.
  • The tunnel shaped pre-filled upper cells adapt exactly to different body contours.
  • The inner cells are inter-connected to form 3 adjustable zones.
  • Zones are monitored by a pressure sensor which responds to user movement.


  • The computerised Controller automatically and precisely adjusts cell pressures - regardless of user weight.
  • Simple to use Controller - compact, light and quiet in operation.
  • Pump operates only on demand.
  • Built in battery for continued use during user transfers.
  • Incorporates CPR facility as standard.
  • Incontinence cover supplied as standard.
  • Individual cells are easy to replaceable.

"The Optima Speciality Support System effectively reduces the pressure between the user and the support surface according to studies conducted by Takala & Soppi (2004)* and White et al (2007)*. This translates clinically into prevention of ulceration in acute respiritory failure (Takala & Soppi 1996)* and, in our ongoing evaluations, pain relief and improved sleep in a variety of chronic disorders.

Following equalisation of the mattress, over a 16 minute cycle, a massive 43% reduction in pressure was recorded - down from 39mmHg to 22mmHg."

Richard White, Professor in Tissue Viability, University of Worcester


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