Motif Mattresses

Nexus offers a wide range of foam mattresses in our Motif range for powered profiling, adjustable, hospital and electrical beds.

Our Motif range comprises various CMHR (Combustion Modified High Resilience) foam specifications, including the very-high-risk Geltex ® upper Motif-Gel-3. Motif mattresses are extensively tested with pressure mapping and roller fatigue tests to verify their pressure redistribution capabilities.

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The Motif range, purpose designed to fit Nexus DMS profiling beds, includes:


The Motif


Features of the Motif Range

  • High quality CMHR (Combustion Modified High Resilience) foam
  • Internally castellated (Motif-1 & Motif-2) or hinged (Motif-Gel-3) to profile in harmony with the bed.
  • 270 degree zipped multi-stretch, waterproof, wipe clean, vapour permeable cover - resistant to micro biological attack & house dust mite penetration, as well as minimising risk of strike-through.
  • Two-way or Four-way turning cycle to prolong the life of the mattress, minimising whole-life costs.
  • Pressure mapping & roller fatigue tested to verify pressure redistribution capabilities.
  • 3 year warranty* in line with Nexus DMS Conditions of Sale & website “Useful Information”
  • Special sizes (longer/wider/longer & wider/shorter than standard to match our specialist range of beds) are available.
  • Dimensions: 193cm x 87cm x 14.5cm

Pressure redistribution

  • All Motif mattresses are roller fatigue tested with a test person of 175cm – 75 Kg
  • Motif-Comfort- low-risk pressure redistribution (View Pressure Map)
  • Motif-1 – medium-risk pressure redistribution (View Pressure Map)
  • Motif-2 – high-risk pressure redistribution (View Pressure Map)
  • Motif-Gel-3 – Very-high-risk pressure redistribution (View Pressure Map)


  • 270 degree zipped cover enables easy internal integrity inspection whilst minimising risk of fluid ingress
  • Cover is also removable and machine-washable
  • Crib Source 5 Fire Retardant
  • Combustion modified Foam which complies with Furniture & Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1998
  • Composite Mattress conforms to BS7177:2008 for medium hazard category using ignition sources 0, 1 & 5 under section 2, BS 6807: 2006.
  • Cover fabric is weft knitted polyester with a polyurethane transfer coating.
  • compliant when used with Nexus compatible profiling beds.

Other mattresses available

  • Optima – unique 'no-ripple' air-float mattress system for pressure redistribution to Grade 4 and pain management to VAS scale 10
  • Pro-Mat-Bario and Pro-Mat-Bario-Max – medium-high risk static foam mattresses for heavier users (fitting the Pro-Bario and Pro-Bario-Max profiling beds)
  • Rota-Mat - medium-high risk static foam mattress specifically designed to fit the Rota-Pro® rotational chair bed.


Innovative Motif-Gel-3

Our pioneering new Motif-Gel-3 brings Geltex® technology to our range of mattresses, offering enhancements in breathability, support, comfort, pressure redistribution & mattress longevity compared to ordinary foams.

What is Geltex®?

Geltex® represents the next generation in technology evolution for medical mattresses. Its unique, open-cell structure provides outstanding comfort for the user, whilst reducing pressure points and friction.

CMHR foam & Geltex® upper vs Viscoelastic:

The Motif-Gel-3 is a very high risk pressure redistribution mattress which, when used with our range of profiling beds, offers extra support and comfort because Geltex® gently pushes back rather than sinking away.

The Motif-Gel-3 has an innovative combination of a 50mm Geltex® upper layer and sturdy CMHR foam base and side walls. The firm side walls give structure and support when getting in and out of bed, whilst the Geltex® layer aids stability and comfort in turning, repositioning and transfer.

Geltex® is also not temperature sensitive so performs exceptionally even in humid conditions, contributing further to the life span of the mattress even if used 24 hours a day.

Motif-Gel-3 is available from stock in various size options matched to our range of profiling beds:

Note: Nexus brand mattresses are designed to work in harmony with our beds, providing adequate clearance between the mattress and the moving parts of the bed. Outside mattress dimensions therefore are generally less than the nominal bed sizes we quote.


User Manuals for Motif Mattresses

Motif Comfort