Legacy Home is a lateral turning bed designed for the rehabilitation and/or ongoing treatment of individuals with complex care needs, including multiple trauma, brain injury, thoracic and cervical spinal injury, and for paraplegics with minimal upper body strength.

Regular turning can reduce secondary complications such as pneumonia, DVT and pressure ulceration, and Legacy Home supports the provision of a turning routine without compromising patient safety or risking injury to carers.

Legacy Home is available to buy or to rent – contact us for further information.


  • Bed height adjustable from nominal 52cm to 90cm., offering good wheelchair transfer.
  • Leg-lift adjustable from nominal 00 to 480 with flat platform to aid leg extensions.
  • Backrest adjustable from nominal 0° to 60°.
  • 2-part adjustable side flaps to stop roll-out during lateral turn. Multi-adjustable to suit individual need.
  • Lateral turn in either direction from nominal 0° to 30°.
  • Trendelenburg/reverse adjustable from nominal 0° to 15°.
  • Individual hand controls to operate:
    • Side-flap adjustments.
    • Lateral turn, bed height and Trendelenburg adjustments.
    • Backlift and leglift adjustments.
  • Safe Working Load of 170kg
    (27 stones) **.
  • Clearance for hoists and cleaning equipment.
  • Optional counter to monitor actuator operations to aid service scheduling.
  • Head, foot and side boards in attractive beech timber finish.
  • Powder coated steel construction for durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Metal mesh mattress support to allow greater air circulation and so prolong the life of the mattress.
  • Strategically located angle gauges to aid positioning.
  • 4-section mattress support.
  • 200cm x 110cm lying surface.
  • Unique Serial number on every bed for traceability.


  • Master key control to disable all functions. Optional Master Switch.
  • Limit switches to avoid conflicting operations:
    • If backlift is at an angle greater than 250 then the side flaps will not raise.
    • If backlift is level or at an angle less than 250 then the side flaps can be raised.
  • Adjustable and removable side boards.
  • 4 individually braked castors.
  • Mains electricity safety connector.
  • Actuators ingress protected to IP54; Hand Controls to IP66 for high-level protection against fluid and dust ingress.
  • Electrically operated functions operate at a safe 24v.
  • Securely fixed spiral-wound cables with Velcro tidy for mains cable.
  • CE marked to the latest EU standards.


  • Fast-reacting visco-elastic foam construction for medium to high pressure redistribution.
  • Internally hinged to profile in harmony with the moving parts of the bed.
  • Vapour-permeable, waterproof, 2-way stretch, zipped, washable cover.

Note: ** refer to Useful Info


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