Following a successful trial at the London Spinal Cord Injury Centre, Stanmore, Middlesex our latest Standing Bed has just been delivered to a private residence in London, allowing the patient to return home to his family.

Witnessing the numbers of staff involved and the time taken to transfer a patient with spinal cord injury from a bed to a tilt table for therapy, underscores the value of having one piece of equipment which is both a bed and a tilt table, all in one. It is also a massive space saver.

Whilst there are obvious time and cost savings, the benefits to the patient in avoiding the trauma and discomfort of regular transfers are enormous.

This bed follows a similar Standing Bed which has just been exported to Saudi Arabia – completing an order placed on behalf of HRH Prince Mugrin Bin Abdulaziz – the 2nd such bed exported to that country.

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