Single-handed care made easy this Christmas

Single-handed care was the talk of the town at this year’s Occupational Therapy Show, as healthcare professionals UK-wide are being tasked with finding alternative solutions to the widely adopted approach of “doubling-up” on caregiving wherever somebody requires manual handling.

The misconception that the only way to ensure safe moving and handling is to involve two people in every lift has inevitably placed great strain on healthcare resources and budgets, as well as causing significant disruption to those in receipt of care. New industry research has highlighted this problem and offered a sensible solution – review so called “double-handed” care packages and identify clients for whom investment in innovative or specialist equipment could eliminate the need for two caregivers on a daily basis.

It was no surprise, then, that the Nexus stand at this year’s show proved extremely popular (and not just for the chocolates), as the Rota-Pro rotational chair bed and new Rota-Pro-Bario bariatric chair bed came as early Christmas presents for OTs looking for ways to make single-handed care safe and easy this winter.


Many people were pleasantly surprised at the remarkable value of both Rota-Pro® models, particularly in light of the growing need to devise safe and effective single-handed care packages.


Given that Rota-Pro® can pay for itself in as little as a month (thanks to the reduction in daily care costs), it is not difficult to see why so many people are finding it easy to make a compelling case to purchase.

And that’s before even mentioning the dramatically lower manual handling risk, or the significant increase in user mobility, dignity and independence.


The Rota-Pro range is available directly from stock, and demonstrations are available across the UK mainland, to help determine their suitability for each individual user.

Find the Rota-Pro here & Find the Rota-Pro-Bario here

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