The new instructional film for Nexus DMS Ltd’s innovative Legacy Complex Care Turning Bed is now here.

The video, filmed “on location” at University Hospital of North Staffordshire Critical Care Unit, and utilising actual clinical care professionals, provides a high-level overview of the Legacy turning bed, describes its functions and features, and demonstrates the innovative moving and handling techniques possible with this unique design.

“This video is a fantastic development in the range of training aids and promotional tools available to support the development of Legacy in the marketplace”, said Nexus DMS Ltd’s Special Products Manager Neil Trinder. “It dovetails extremely well with the comprehensive ‘hands-on’ training programme we already offer Legacy customers, and acts as a great introduction to the product for those who have not encountered it before”.

Currently unique in its capabilities for the treatment of patients with severe trauma and spinal injuries, Legacy has been on clinical trial at more than 25 hospitals and Spinal Injury Centres in Great Britain to date, and has been purchased by numerous establishments across the UK. During this process, it has sparked new ways of thinking about methods of treatment and techniques for turning, and has found application with wide-ranging cases including actual spinal cord injuries; orthopaedic spinal injuries; multiple trauma; general intensive care; brain injury & neurosurgery; pelvic  injuries; complex surgery; Acute (Adult) Respiratory Disease Syndrome; and complex or major trauma during pregnancy.

“This is another reason the new video is so valuable”, continues Neil: “because Legacy has prompted clinical professionals to re-think existing methods for complex care, encouraging staff to understand the benefits and the differences from how they have previously done things is obviously high on the agenda.”

 “By watching other professionals using the bed, and seeing how easily moving and handling procedures can be performed without compromising nursing staff stance & stature, people are universally won-over and ready to give it a try themselves.”

You can watch the new Legacy instructional video here, or download it here.

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